Harvest Cup 2024

Harvest Cup

October 26, 2024 - October 28, 2024
Francisco Grande Resort in Casa Grande, AZ at Grande Sports World Resort

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Player Registration Instructions

and Liability Waiver

Find your team using one of the search boxes below. Only enter one search field. For example, if your team manager's last name is Ibrahimovic, you only need to enter Ibr to come up with all of the teams who have a manager starting with those letters. You can do the same for Team Name and city. For age, if you a 40 and Over team, just type 40 and click "Look up Team". Select your team by clicking on the link 'I am on ... with your team name.

Once you have entered your information you will be able to review the waiver form. If you agree with the terms of the waiver you will be entered on your team's roster. If you do not agree, do not check the box and do not initial and close out of the web page. Your information will not be saved if you do not agree. You will need to upload a picture of yourself and a valid government issued photo I.D. with date of birth (so two separate picture files). Please be sure to block personal information such as driver license number or social security number. Your picture (not your ID) will appear on the roster page. Your profile picture should only include your shoulders and face, PDF files do not work.

To view your roster, go through the team selection process as described above and click on the 'Show Roster' link in the row with your team.


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